Super Distortion lite?


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Vineham pickups make a SD clone. I've got a set in my Charvel and they sound great. I'm sure upon request you could get a tamer wind or different magnet.


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Can't you just wire a resistor to lower the output of the SD?

Warning, I don't know if this actually works ;)


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I was wondering about that model. What didn't you like about it? What did you want it to do that it couldn't?

I thought it didn't cut enough in the lows and it felt flat and not crunchy and tight as I would have liked. The highs were nice but the whole thing felt a bit flat and "soft" to my ear because I like to dig and riff tight. Again, might be different in a diff guitar but for me in an alder / koa top strat type, it didn't do it. The aldrich I had in there before was way better.