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To economy pick is to always pick between the string as much as you can without going around the string . So you end up only alternate picking if your next notes are on the same string .Joes sweep book is a great read. It basically helps you play faster because you illuminated the act of going around the string which takes a tad longer
I just ran across this the other day . The thing that I can't figure out is how he rests his fingers on the body.

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Here is another example. I just picked it off and just when I thought I had it I could hear some pitches were off, after that I nailed the progression. He uses economy picking too...
Ah. So how does that help with note definition? I’m from the school of alternate picking so this intrigues me a bit.
It can have a very smooth sound and be plenty defined....very good for preserving energy while being capable of very high speeds.... famous examples are I Am A Viking initial ascending run in the solo, also the first ascending run on the first solo of Soldier without Faith.....Trilogy Suite opening ascending part of the lick is economy