Taylor Hawkins has passed away


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Totally sucks. Seemed like a genuinely great dude. A great drummer at least.

Thoughts to family and the Foos.


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Wow that is so sad, another one gone way too soon! My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Dino 939

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Who would have thought he of all the ripper’s
of today would have died?
Seemed healthy & full of all kinds of kick ass.
We are fragile mortals.
Damn…, This must be devasting for Dave Grohl.
Kurdt’s passing and Taylor at freakin’ 50?
He seemed like the raddest Dad, having his son on the stage below the drum riser jammin’ with him on drums during Foo Fighter concerts.
He was one of my top 3 champions of inspiration
on the drums, a sorta heavy handed Stuart Copeland bad ass gifted pocket drummer.
He could hand Grohl his ass with little trouble.
That’s why he was hand picked,
He and Dave’s Beavis & Butthead brotherly love was genuine & contagious.
My heart goes out to his family,
Much love and kick to the crash homie❤️‍🔥


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Was slated to see then in May. Who knows? RIP
Hell of a drummer and vocalist.
Yeah. I was gonna do "No Way Back" with them, I'd made up my mind. Fuck. This is a real tragedy, he's like Neil Peart: irreplaceable.

They'll get someone else, but it's gonna be a hot minute.