THD Quintet

stephen sawall

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It is passive with no battery. You can plug it in backwards and it works the same. It well not work with active electronics or wireless system.

All the other pedals I have seen just cut some mid frequencies or are active. The active ones all kind of feel like you are plugging into a solid state amp to me. This has a very natural feel to it. Because of the way it interacts with the pickup the Quintet cuts and boost.

Most of the voices boost low end, cut midrange and cut but not as much the high end. What frequencies it changes with the 5 settings are different. So they all have there own voice and shape.

The intensity control blends the strait sound with the effect. If you put this on a guitar you well want this. It makes for a lot of voices. The intensity pot give a sweep of different tones for each of the 5 voices. You can hear different frequency come and go as you turn it.

It works as well from clean all the way up to the heavy. Changing around the EQ on the amp and Quintet made a lot of interesting voices.

It reacts different to different pickups and pickup combination's. Changing the guitar volume also changes the effect.

My Les Paul has the pickups out of phase. With both on I found some great clean and point of breakup sounds.

One of the setting I was doing a heavy sound rhythm thing. Turn it on cutting a chunk out of the mids and boosting some low end .... gave it a very different cut. This was just cool to me.

I also tried it with my HBE Plank Cranker and Zvex Fuzz Factory. The Plank Cranker was a limited edition thing that has two voices and a bass boost switch. One voice is a TS9 thing without the mid hump and more low end voice. The other well go up into the distortion range and is meant for a clean voiced channel / amp.

This made for the best sounds I have ever got from these pedals. I was very happy with the effect it had on them.

I had picked up the pedal so I could use it with any guitar. It interacts with the pickups so it needs to be right after the guitar, a few versions that go in the guitar are also available.

Well no pedal is for everyone but I like the tone shaping I get from the Quintet.