This interview is ON POINT.

Dino 939

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I bet the night before this televised
performance, the lead dude was stressing’..,
“I gotta’ sing over that G to Eminor”..,
“I know their listening for me to mention Eddie Vedder with every word”…,”oh shit”…
Unfortunately, he does not have the talent to make
that simplicity dimensional,
which results in that flatness to the vibe.
To pull this off & make the melody float over
the 1,2,
it really can’t be learned from any amount of practice.

Look what happened to the Puddle Of Mudd dude.

In the studio, vocals are double tracked/layered to add the dimension to “float the vocal”.
Local H’s best song for me is “Back In The Day”.
The drummer earns his keep & in a tricky spot.
What a mega-odd combo of dudes.


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WTF? is with the guy with the tambourine? He just shows up at the end. Now that's weird.
Yeah, that dude just came out of nowhere. Like he's one of the random grunts that work at the news station. Someone bet that he couldn't get on TV. The words hold my beer were spoken as he grabbed the nearest tambourine.

Dino 939

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My son started playing musical instruments a few years ago, with vocals and percussion being his Jedi knight department.
I fervently remind him to never get
“caught up in the hack”.
Look at this dude and that other ‘Puddle of Mubd’ fool getting mortified caught up between it.
The taproot here?
“You ain’t Joni Mitchell man”, “ya feel me”?
My son can mimick drum sounds, claps, snaps way better then me,
THAT!!- could survive in the hack,
These two meatheads already went there so we’ll leave it at that.
-something to that effect.

Dino 939

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To be real, I saw Local H open for Stone Temple penis’s, decades ago.
This dude was using a Pitchfork or the like to simulate the root bass notes while he played chords etc.
These 2 guys were LETHAL.
The wheels we all crave hearing in motion of
a well oiled machine at the heart of a hungry band was undeniable.
This is very risky as the opening act.
You can get fired for that!
I guess that comes from the same source that would write a song called Eddie Vetter. That backfired on them!
Backfired in the sense of nothing really came of it.
Punk rock crickets…
Never heard a word from Eddie either, he’s?probably still going hungry hiking through Fakahatchee Grass & cattails in that Chris Cornell song..LTFOL, there I go again..,
However, STP ripped it up!!
Even brought out a couch for a few acoustic songs.
Oh they were firing on all cylinders and Weiland looked good & sounded strong.
Really great, authentic band.
So it was a great night for both bands.
Worth the money and hassle of going to a concert.