This job sucks


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Who's job keeps getting worse, mine continues to lose perks that were common place but now seem like the new normal with no end to the decline.


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Mine does.

Used to get free parking for the airport we work nearby which helped in holiday times. They got rid of it. Used to get a desk, they’ve made it mandatory hybrid work now and your desk changes with temporary hotel seating. Used to get catered food weekly, now we get catered food when mahogany row meetings get canceled and they don’t want to throw away the food, so we get the leftovers.

Used to get a lot of things. My job sucks ass but it pays the bills and keeps the family going.

Mark Skid

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I was talking with a salesman at Sam Ash the other day. He said they've seen pay cuts, less hours, no more free bottled water, etc... Nearly 80% of store stock is gone. No new drums sets at all. No synthesizers, other than a KORG demo piece. They can't get Gibson products delivered (due to transportation issues), so they're sending Sam Ash box trucks to pick-up stock. Even then, they aren't getting much. The only acoustic guitars left were a few Taylor's, two Martin's and several Taks. I can't imagine them lasting much longer.