Top 5150 Tones!!


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Since everyone already mentioned Heartwork and Machine Head (even though I'd give the edge to The More Things Change for guitar tone alone—5150 into Marshall 1960 V30 mic'd with 2x MD421s), I'll call out some slightly less well known recordings:

The Haunted - rEVOLVEr. Fredman said this was something like a 5150 II's preamp into an OG 5150's power section.

Alice in Chains - Sludge Factory. Possibly the only song Jerry actually recorded with the 5150 EVH gave him. Sounds huge compared to the rest of the album.

For what it's worth, Ocean Machine and SYL's City were a Mike Morin Laney AOR conversion. The SYL self-titled album was Rectifier I believe, and Alien was the one recorded with a 5150.
that haunted album sounds vicious! good call.


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This track and "Spanked" are actually the prototype CAE 3+ preamp per John Suhr.

The rest is SLO according to Dave Friedman:

Soldano into 75 watt celestions in a marshall 800 cab bought from Andy Brauer studio rentals where I worked at the time. Was at the studio and saw it miked up. He liked the 75's with the slo amp. There was no peaveys on the fuck record. They were just getting it going at the time.
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In Flames - Clayman
One of the better sounding metal albums ever made, imo. Heavy tones are all 5150 recorded at Studio Fredman.

But it's tough to choose when your options are "literally the majority of all heavy albums made since 1992." :D
Hmm, I think the 90's were mostly dominated by the dual and triple rectifier. The 2000's is what I think of when I think of the shitty one shitty... well rectos are still in there as well.