Torpedo Rack Version, please


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Thanks a lot, Jason and Ross! Sounds great, I am sure you are working on hot new fine sounding machines! :) by the way I just found out I bought my first Torpedo Live in 2012....time flies.
Same here. My Studio has been the hub of my guitar rig for the past seven years.
If it dies, I'm screwed.
Hi @studio289, thanks for reaching out. Noted and understood - we will relay this directly to our dev team now!

As ever, we love hearing new ideas from our users so if you have any suggestions, please dont hesitate to let us know!
Hi gents,

Ross from Two notes here. Hearing you loud and clear - I have fed this back to the dev team now!

As ever, if there is anything else you need, please dont hesitate to reach out!
Hi @studio289 thanks for reaching out, we currently are servicing Torpedo Studio units and there is no firm plan to halt this at this immediate juncture. We will of course keep our customers updated if and when this changes. Please let me know if there is any other information you need and I will gladly supply it! :)


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my TN Torpedo Studio is my number 1 tool. i cannot work without it. please please please produce another version.


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Even a Torpedo Live with presettable input level and much more "real" led meter in Torpedo Remote would be much appreciated and imho essential features.
Are they only a software upgrade or doing it involves hardware upgrade too?
Thank you


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When are we getting a successor to the two notes studio? Or should I give up hoping for this and look at other alternatives?
Hi @bhuard75

Thanks for getting in touch. At this juncture, there is nothing we can immediately reveal. However, we have a very strong roadmap in terms of product development so we would always suggest checking in on the Two notes site as well as subscribing to our mailing list.

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Yes, please. Since pandemic lockdown (and way before) more players have been acquiring/resurrecting/creating new combinations of rack gear - preamps, fx, midi, interfaces to split the signal, etc. It's a thing ;-) A rack mounted, midi controllable C.A.B M+ or a couple of the previous models would be VERY nice to have. Notice I mentioned "midi"? Keeping it single space would be the most desirable. Options for stereo and mono out. Options to preset separate channel input volume levels. Separate monitor out/in level. I want to go into a gig with one small rack of my Lexicon, Roland, Yamaha, Rocktron, a shelf w/pedals, and a midi foot controller, then run to FOH and in-ears. Most, not all, players want to sound unique and will continue to use gear that gives them a signature sound. We don't need a gazillion delays, choruses, amp models, and so on, since we already have that in the best analogue units and use them to create our personal sound. I think you can do it and keep the prices below what those other folks are charging. At least I hope.