Tracii Guns


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He play a show in Plano TX from the air conditioned shitter behind the stage. Apparently it was too hot for him, due to a condition. The rest played on the stage while he was live on instagram.
Watch Tracii Guns Perform L.A. Guns Show From Backstage Bathroom


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I’ve seen LA Guns a few times starting back in 1988 and they were playing in clubs that got pretty warn and he didn’t seem to have a problem then . I guess this thing came on later in his life


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Hasn't he seen Stave Vai or Zakk? just get a few massive fans on his side of the stage ?? ... something seems a bit "off" about his reasoning. I'm guessing something else is totally stressing him out and the heat just was a boiling point

Chris O

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I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Having dealt with anxiety issues since the early 2000’s, unless you’ve ever experienced it “for real” in a clinical sense, it can be hard to understand how debilitating it can really be.

Maybe just try to be kind for a change?