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I have ALWAYS wanted to do a thrash version of "Rock and Roll machine".
Pantera used to do Triumph covers back in the club days. Terry Glaze sang that stuff great.
Triumph were the nice/good/clean guys in those days. But damn if they didn't put on a great show.


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Lived in Toronto for awhile. Triumph are awesome. Even met Gil Moore at Metalworx Studio. My first concert was Allied Forces tour in Cobo Hall, Detroit.


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Triumph were a great band. Such talent. That side two of their albums always had some really interesting material, while side one was quality straight-forward rock music. Good all around. Fun to cruise around too, drink too. (....or all too frequently both at the time...don't do this!)


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That band was unbelievable . I think for awhile they might have been self managed which probably really didn't help . Rik Emmet still has sick chops on some of the more recent Youtube videos . Recent being in recent years.

I'm really surprised they haven't gone out on tour with like a classic rock festival type line up but I actually think they are more in tune with the pathetic state of the live music business right now .

Maybe Rik could give Don Dokken , Jon Bon Jovi, Mark Slaughter , Steven Pearcy .................. singing lessons !!!!! Oh and let's not forget Vince Neil !!! LOL


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Great band! Always wanted to learn “Midsummers Daydream” one of the best acoustic instrumentals in my opinion.