Trump arrest on Tuesday

Coming in Hot

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Are you Trumplickers gonna pop off the Civil War?


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Dog and pony show for the democrats and MSM. This is only to tie him up for the next 18 months to keep him from winning the presidential election. Personally, I think this will back fire for democrats.

Remember Clinton paying Jones like $850k hush money?

Diary of a Axeman

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If True .... it will prove America is not broken at all .
Laws will change and there will never be another Republican stealing Elections or committing Lawless acts .


Watch how people will snitch against PrimaDonald , like Giuliani, Flynn, Bannon, Graham and others .... it's going to be a Big Snitching Festival 🇺🇲🤣👍


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I may not MEME well, but experience enough to laugh at you and your KKKind .

Yes, your experience has great knowledge that a 5.56 round will ricochet right back at the shooter🤡🤡👌
Your vast experience😂😂😂

How was lunch, Vaxxman KKKlown, Mate?🤡
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