UPDATE: results revealed! BLIND TEST! BluGuitar Amp1 vs Marshall JCM800


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Hey all, it's that time again!

The BluGuitar Amp1 is basically an analog modeling amp. It doesn't have tubes except for in the powersection (the nanotube), so it's essentially a solid state amp. The Mercury edition aims to basically recreate the tones of a bunch of amps, mainly Marshall amps. The classic channel supposedly sounds close to a JCM 800 so I wanted to put that to the test. So let's see if we can distinguish the differences between the 2, purely by ear. If you're going to make a guess, please also post that guess under the actual video as those are the guesses that I'll be counting for the reveal. Let's go and try to have fun! :)



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As you stated they are almost identical in tone... The feel seems to be a little different, but yeah I agree they sound like tow of the same amplifier IMHO.

With all that being said I tended to prefer amp B as it sounds a bit fuller and bigger....also B has slightly more punch than amp A

Amp A just sounded a bit smaller but pretty much the same tone.

It will be interesting when you do the reveal...Thanks for posting the comparison.:2thumbsup:

So I will go on record as saying that amp B is the Marshall SC20 watt JCM800.


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They sound identical to me too but unlike harddriver, I felt like A had more dynamics where B fell apart more but I'm talking barely noticeable here to the point that it could be my brain tricking me.


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Well now...I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised! Kudos to Mr. Blug on his invention. :worship:

I would imagine that the Bluguitar Amp1 being 100 watts must have contributed to the extra punch and fuller tone....:unsure:

I guess you have to test a real 100 watt JCM800 to see the real differences between an amp with 4 output tubes with a full size power transformer and output transformer and see how the BLUG Amp1 compares then in the fullness and punch attributes.:yes:

For something 100 watts packed into a large pedal enclosure is quite an accomplishment. I am quite happy with my stable of amps but if I needed or wanted something with a small footprint I would seriously consider getting one of these.

Having in the past being able to pick out a digital modeling amp versus the real tube amp in almost every case this comparison definitely was much more of a challenge.

Again... I am very impressed with the reveal results.:2thumbsup:


Cool! I thought B was the real amp..just sounded slightly bigger/thicker. That’s ok.. I love my Amp1 Iridium and just this confirms it’s killer tone. They sounded really close, so good job on dialing them in!


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Sounded really close to me. I will say the Amp 1's really do sound good in person plugged into a 4x12. I have the first Amp 1 version and the Iridium version, and they work well for me in my hard rock quest.


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I wonder what hoops you have to go through to get feedback while recording and how it responds to pedals? Also curious how it is when sustaining chords and notes vs choppy rhythm playing.


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Both me and the other guitarist in my band now have Amp1 Iridiums. I don't know how he dialed his in, but I'm playing mine through a Mesa 4x12 and he has a Marshall 1960 and they both sound pretty different. (Plus different guitars/pickups too).

But great job on the video they really do sound close here.