Van Halen - In A Simple Rhyme Axe FX3

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Van Halen - In A Simple Rhyme Play Thru

Used stock presets.

For the cleans I also layered in the natural sound of the guitar captured with a condenser mic up close to the strings. Shout out to Jim Gaustad for the insights to this technique. Based on his research, this is what Ed and Donn did in the studio for the original recording to get that pick on the strings sound - the clicking.

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Guitar G


I do when there is an iso track of Ed playing the song I am working on. He was such an intricate player that you really can pick up on the nuances of what he did in the iso tracks. Some of the live videos from the last couple of tours are a huge help as well as they were playing some of these deeper tracks and you can get really good examples of how Ed actually played the songs.

Otherwise, its listen, try, rinse and repeat until I get it close - or close enough.
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