Vegas Guitars?


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not really. The GC near the strip is a large one but not too impressive. Avoid the Sam Ash, as you may get propositioned by a Trannie or the like in the parking lot. Unfortunately, I am not kidding. Also, one of the sales people in the guitar section (younger kid) was a complete douchebag to me the last time I went there. F him and Sam Ash. Enjoy vegas!


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Is Ed Roman's place still a thing?

Roman Guitars is located at 3485 West Harmon Avenue, Suite 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103.

Our telephone number is 702-597-0147.

Our current hours of operation are 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday

Roman Custom USAF Graphic on Fender Stratocaster


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Not really. There is a place just south of the airport called sixx gun music. I think I have my facts straight, but the owner is in a band with rig talk’s resident Jerevil. Jerevil posted some guitars on here that the owner built. They look pretty cool. I don’t know if he has them in the shop. On another note, I believe it is the same store where if you spent so much money there, you got a free lesson from Rowan Robertson, the former player from Dio. To me, all of that is really cool, yet I have never gone there, and it is only a few miles away. That is how unenthusiastic I am about Las Vegas shops. :(

stephen sawall

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I saw that one listed. If you use Google a lot of shops listed are someone's home. Not actual shops. This era business model.


If you have some spare time you could have a go at the GC near the strip.

It's nothing special, but they have a small section with some more expensive stuff, which was nice to see!

Pictures are from 2017 when i was on holiday there.

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