VHT Pittbull CL clips!


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Sounds awesome and great playing! Amp's nice and tight. By listening to your video, I can now see how people call VHT amps dry sounding. How would you compare this to your Marks?
Thx man! This is not me playing actually! I've reamped some DI tracks - I totally agree they are awesome!
As for the amp, I can see why people tend to refer to them as dry. They are not that "juicy" and being really tight they give a certain feel of sounding dry. The mark amps have some that nice sizzle if you know what I mean that the CL doesn't have. However, it really is articulate and the gain structure is awesome.
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Sounds good. It certainly is on the dry side of the spectrum. Maybe it's the speakers that come in those VHT cabs? I wonder what it would sound like through some Creambacks or something similar.