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Hey, the world is pretty messed up right now. This place should be an easy relief valve.
Lot's of undercurrent of anger with everybody with everything going on here and abroad.
If there were never any punches thrown here now and then I'd be worried!
I'll go toe to toe on anything but draw the line with really personal low blows.

I can take an earned slap off side the head (thanks Dave) from folks here I may not agree
with on a lot of stuff, but their words are worth reading. The whole live and learn thing.

There's a few here that just proved to be really deep down ugly people - the at first
typical political brass knuckle shots were very quickly replaced with flat out bile of the
worst kind, and obviously intended to be as personally hurtful as possible.

Racism, homophobia, misogyny, and flat out ugly all hiding behind any random political
story of the day. Fuck them. That's what ignore is for. I sure as hell wouldn't watch a
TV show with characters like that, why read their dogshit here?

Otherwise it's like Cheers. Hang out, have some laughs, give some shots and get them
right back, usually with both sides chuckling.
Well-said, Donnie.

Ya really can’t ban someone for being a asshole. Or I would of banned myself years back!
I wish I had your way with words, Dan; it'd have saved me a a shedload of typing earlier. :LOL:

... which is still happening in my classified thread btw, has been reported and still nothing has been done about it...
To be fair, I've been on-the-case for exactly 24h at this point but as you know, my hands are tied 'til I hear from the owner and he took Sunday off by the look of it.

Rest assured brothers, DM's request for help hasn't been ignored. Just clarifying 'cause the comment made it sound that way.

You strike down that hammer with great vengeance and furious anger, MM, those that try to poison and destroy our rig-talk brothers. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men
How bout if I havent been vaxxed? Its coming.:eek:
:banhim: :LOL:

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How bout if I havent been vaxxed?


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Sorry guys, political posts removed. That argument about what went down that day was destined to become a clone of the many that preceded it both here and elsewhere.

Best to nip it in the bud. Besides, this is the Rig-Talk Feedback sub-forum, not OTC, and even if it was... :confused:
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To clarify, seeing as this thread is about our M.O.:

A little, as Donnie put it, "spillover", is understandable, but that "debate" was escalating. The loaded question Donnie asked Dave, the "Why do you sympathize with traitors..." one, is a fine example of how to stoke the fire and more or less guarantee an endless to-and-fro in which, where this particular subject is concerned, nobody wins.