Welcome Guillaume and Two Notes!


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Fair and square Two Notes has 'won' its own manufacturer's forum on RT as per RT poll that I posted. You can check it out here:

So it's Bastille Day weekend and Guillaume sent me an email from 'the middle of nowhere' (I guess not that 'nowhere' if he still managed to send me an email... :LOL: :LOL: ) saying he will start posting on Monday. So in the meantime, feel free to post your questions/comments.

I copy/pasted some stuff about 2Notes from their website for those interested:

"The emergence of computer recording solutions those last few years has largely encouraged musicians to explore the sound recording process, which was till then a sound-engineer-only thing.
The Orosys company and its brand, Two Notes Audio Engineering were born from the idea that one could propose to guitarists and bassists products that were originally reserved for studio and live sound professionals.
Guillaume Pille, OROSYS President, is both an electronics researcher and a music lover. Guitarist, composer, signal processing expert, he first works in the field of telecommunications to finally combine his passion for electronics and music.
After 4 years research, Guillaume PILLE and his team, including Ivan Cohen and Bruno Ferren, both engineers and musicians, release the Torpedo VB-101, early 2009. This first product, unique in the world, is made to record guitar/bass amps silently with studio quality.
The Torpedo line puts forward the sonic advantages of traditional tube/solid state amplifiers, magnified by an ideal sound recording, whatever the conditions, at home, in the studio or on stage.
The team is supported by many professional sound engineers and musicians to create a product that meets their high sound quality expectations but also their needs in term of connectivity, reliability and security, both on stage and in the studio."


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Welcome ! I have a Torpedo at my studio and will be working with it over the next few weeks (clips to come of course) ! love the idea of being able to use my big amps in a more controlled way !