What gear did you get for Christmas ?


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Wife and kids got me some strings, Marshall shirt and a guitar toolset.
I augmented that with a Bogner Shiva 20th (incoming), Strymon Blue sky Reverb pedal, Source Audio EQ2, Fortin Spliff buffer, Peterson Strob Tuner and a Walrus Audio Ages Five-State OD pedal…there were too many good deals to be found.


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We didn’t put up a tree this year. Wife had covid over thanksgiving, I’m working overtime, and we are out of town for Christmas. Combine the Christmas tree shortages and insane prices, it just wasn’t in the books.
I have my artificial tree just 15 ft. Away from me. All I had to do was go in the attic and get it.

That's literally all I had to do... 😞


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We had a hell of a great Christmas, the whole household got music gear. The wife got some more cymbals, another floor tom, a double kick pedal, and a new snare for her kit.

The kid got a DSL20HR and a Recto 2x12.

The wife bought me a Trace Elliot bass rig and dad got me an Ampeg 8x10.

It’s also been a very loud Christmas.


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I got gifted that $24 Amazon drive pedal and bought myself that TC Zeus od. Those should provide weeks of fun haha