What Orange amp do you have?


I've got the Rocker 30 and TH30. the rocker30 has a full EQ section for the dirty channel, but a single volume control for the clean channel. The TH30 has an fx loop which is very useful

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You seem to have quite a few good amps @YSM234:

Peavey 120/120, 2 x SLO 100, Friedman BE100, Orange Rocker 30 and TH30, Bogner OS 2x12 cab...

Awesome. Anything else?


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First post to Rig-Talk. Looks like a great forum


I toured with a 2 channel ad30 for years in my pop punk band. Loved those mid gain toanz.

you can see it in the background of this DVD that never got released (youll understand why when you hear the audio, lol)



2009 Rocker 30 head. Why they discontinued this model I'll never understand. Lower mid range British non compressed vintage tone at its best. I put a Tungsol in the V1 position to brighten it up a bit. I also have a 1x12 ppc cab with a Hellatone 60 that pairs up well but can get boxy. I prefer to use my Mesa 2x12 rectifier cab. Most comments surrounding this amp are pretty positive. New ones don't compare IMO. Tried them and although no bad, not good enough to purchase.