What pedal can mimic best an ENGL amp?


I've Been trying to find a pedal that can mimic and ENGL. Can't put down $1.5k for an AMP so I gotta stick with pedals.

So far the closest I've found is the Dracarys. Any thoughts?
I guess it depend on which amp you want to mimic. ENGL makes a Powerball pedal and I'm pretty sure I've seen a Retro Tube pedal out there too. I'd suspect that's be the closest you could get to an ENGL with a pedal.

Another option is getting a Synergy SYN1 plus Savage or Powerball module and run it through the FX loop of your current amp. They were designed by the guys at ENGL. I have both and while they don't sound 100% like the real deal amp they are very close. To me they sound great and definitely have the core ENGL tone.
Amt has the e1/e2 preamps which are supposed to be fireball based.

Mooer 009 blacknight is based on the Blackmore head.

Engl sells a powerball pedal and even used to have a victor smolski pedal as well, I have seen a few for sale.