What volume do you play at home?

What. Volume?

  • Headphones

    Votes: 3 4.4%
  • TV volume or lower

    Votes: 20 29.4%
  • Loud TV volume

    Votes: 13 19.1%
  • 90+ dB

    Votes: 32 47.1%

  • Total voters


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I have a 5150-III so I literally can play at any volume and sounds great to me but I probably should get an attenuator eventually as mentioned.
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Rick Lee

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For normal practice I use a GK 250ML and play just loud enough to hear the songs I'm playing along with while wearing my Apple AirPods. When testing amps or just getting my thrills and the wife is away, it's full tilt with 100w Marshalls while wearing cheap foam earplugs.
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Little B

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Full on ( or moving air) vol from my tube heads as I wanna know what my tone,feel,and of course volume will roughly be at the gig so I can eliminate surprises live.The only time I'll run a cheapo g dec or equivalent is if I'm trying to work on technique or figure out a hard lick.After that it's plug into the big boy amp time.

Donnie B

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10 x 12 room with 2 attached neighbors.

Mostly TV volume and once in a while very loud TV volume.


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For the longest time my delta blues combo was my go-to practice amp, but it's being phased out by the mk v 25. I play both at loud tv volume.

However, I just got a new laptop a few months ago with a few neural plugins. That's primarily for recording song ideas, but sometimes I will use it for practicing with headphones when I'm awake in the middle of the night.

Maybe once every month or two, I'll crank one of my loud amps for a bit, but I only really have those for band practice & playing out.


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My main rig for a while was those into a power amp/guitar cab in the small room.

Granophyre was #1 but I rotated a number of them. Great tones!
For heavier stuff, I like the Petrucci & Gojira plug-ins quite a bit.

I've got the Rabea one also, it's got some cool clean and lower gain tones. The synth is fun to play around with, but I've not found a ton of real use for it yet.

Dave M

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All of the above : headphones at night, TV volume when the kids are upstairs with me, louder TV volume when they're downstairs, as loud as I can confortably get when alone.


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I just recently fell into a 1965 with the g10L-35s, and I'm really surprised at how fantastic it sounds

Unfortunately I'm going to have to purge a bunch of gear for dental bills, and I probably will need to sell it too, but I've definitely had my mind changed as far as the 10s go.
Your teeth are way more important than that Larry...I'll take it and help restore your smile & confidence.


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All of the above, but mostly loud tv. Depends on which room I'm in too. Super loud in one of my smaller rooms sounds like shit IMO.
I have amps in three rooms atm lol. My dining room is open to several other rooms so I can pump-up nicely in there and still sound good.

Floyd I

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When the wife's home I usually play through my AC-10, which sounds pretty good at any volume. When she's gone I usually play the Brown and crank it.