Whats your go to sound?


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2203-type with a moderate amount of break up, goosed with an Ibanez Tube King TK999US for solos, or an SD-1/Seymour 805 for crunch. EQ in the loop boosting the mids a bit, and a little delay on solos. In a pinch, just a basic SD-1 into a Marshall-esque amp.


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This... with some reverb.


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It's either a Cantrell-ish/Friedman sound that I can clean up with the volume knob and a little delay/reverb, or a scooped JPIIC+/IV/5150 modern metal tone. The music I write is all all over the place under the rock/metal umbrella, so it depends on what I'm writing that day. Usually it's just whatever preset I used last in my AxeFX, really.


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Usually this:

Boosted Herbert ch2+, and kick on a BAT Pharaoh.

Got hurt in an accident little over a year ago and couldn’t play as fast or as long. My bud in the vid turned me onto sludge/doom and it was the perfect speed. Healed up now, but I still dig the tones.

Other shit includes an Orange Dual Dark, use the Pharaoh on chA, and then when I want boosted thrash I kick it to chB.

Seriously love this stuff, it’s the best my tones have ever been.

Rex Rocker

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I like anything 5150 through a 4x12 with Greenbacks. Slight midscoop (those amps can get honky fast) and Resonance run high. Depending on the iteration of the 5150, I like a boost or not. Mostly not, especially with the III, but the II can get along without a boost as well.


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I have really bonded with my 50 watt QR over the years. (Used to be a DEVOUT Mesa Mark-III player)
I have come to really dig the slightly stiffer, more articulate nature of the QR. 1st Gear, OD-2, Spark mini. Dispatch Master in the loop for a touch of verb + a single, quite repeat. Done.

the rossness

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On my Synergy system I use a Soldano SLO, T/DLX (for cleans and to run my Suhr Riot or REVV G4 into), Salvation Mark US (Mesa Mark) as my dry rhythm tone. EQ's are per the preamp.

On my Kemper, I gravitate towards Splawn, Krank, Fryette, Soldano, Laney, Hiwatt, Cameron

Custom EQ- Bass and Mids up, Treble pulled way back, Presence used as the treble control, Resonance up just enough until the bottom end kicks into place


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EMG 81
ISP decimator
Cameron cab with H30s
ISP vector sub(volume set fairly low)

No boosts or effects. Just thundering tightness.