Wicked 8 Pickup into SLO 100


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Also from 0:18 to 0:27 is an A2 underwound neck at 7.6k
It still balances with the neck pickup so it doesn't sound like it's crazy high output. Has a nice midrange snarl without sounding liked a cocked wah, still full range-ish.
the mids are interesting, as it’s a wide band of mids instead of being low or high. It’s got all of the mids, LoL

Fiesta Red

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Very cool! I plan to install and try mine this weekend! I also have a yellow Charvel and SLO, but will probably try first in my ‘78 Schecter

Great tone! However, may we see pics of the yellow Charvel?

** EDIT ** Never mind, i found your video. Sweet~


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Killer tone and really nice, fluid, relaxed riffing here. Super great player. It’s so hard to describe, but when you hear someone really good who has played for a long, long time, there is just something ‘seasoned’ about the way they play. This is a perfect example.


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Sounds really thick and juicy, yet tight and detailed at the same time. Very cool.
Very nice guitar as well.