Yo Monkey man, can we flag necros so dumbasses like me...


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Maybe it's just me, but I can usually tell by the date of the first post as well as subsequent ones, that it's a necro :p


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I have a love/hate relationship with necros. On one hand; most of the time it's just more commenting without adding anything productive to an inquiry. On the other; Many questions go unanswered and should be answered if even 10 years later for the benefit of the lurker looking to resolve an issue or question. Sometimes misinformation is found and needs to be updated. Half the internet anymore is people repeating something incorrect for years on. We should come back to this in the 30's.
One thing necro-bumps offer me is the fact my opinion on matters hasn't changed much if at all over the course of the last 13 years. Kinda funny to read a NB and get into it - oblivious of the date it got re-upped - only to formulate an answer to the thread aaaaaaaaaaand...

...then see I'd already posted *precisely* that response X number of years ago.


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I don't find them as annoying here as other places. At least I don't have to read about stainless steel frets and how bad people despise relic finishes for the trillionth plus time. Jeez....that shit cries out to be laughed at. But at least here you can say so and don't have to be tip-toeing on wokeness egg shells if you say something about it.


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...don't read 2 pages of a thread from 2011 before I realize it is over 10 yo? :LOL:

I'm kidding but I'm serious too. Is there a way to flag/mark threads that are super old? @Monkey Man

It will be funny when this thread gets necro'd in 10 years and we get a few "Fuck yeah, flag the necros man" responses.
Came here to say, can't wait to post in this thread in 2032.
Makes me wonder, will I still be posting on these forums when I'm 58?


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I'm staying till I die :yes:

At my age......that could be (literally) anytime. In the meantime RT is on my list of selfish simple indulgences. A place where old tired outlaws like me can come to die ;)

Before Rig Talk, I always thought of RT as "Russian Times" which I read and watch too.