You can choose one boost pedal only

ZEN Amps

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...and you're not allowed to use the drive control. We're talking tightening up high gain amps of course.

I'm not really a pedal guy but for me it's the Plumes or Dirty Tree. What's your desert island boost?


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Pepper's is also the winner for me.

That said, if I want something a bit different and not a clean boost, the Suhr KoKo Boost is absolutely stellar. Especially in Mesa and Marshallish applications.


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My fave so far…



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Hands down the dirty tree…. And it also doesn’t get near the credit for how versatile it actually is as well! It’s amazing on slightly broken up tones as a gentle input shaper as well. It can do anything I want it to do, simply the best input shaper/boost pedal I’ve ever used, and the most versatile.


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Depends on the amp. But, I think many would choose a tried and true SD-1 for a Marshall, including myself. Although I much prefer the MXR Custom Badass OD to it, which I would be comfortable with as my only OD.

However, as stated above, my tastes change, and they're very amp dependent. Right now, my Fortin TS-9 is in heavy rotation.


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SInce its technically a 2 in 1, I'm going to cheat and say the new KMA Pylon I just got. The boost function on it is very serviceable and and the low end cut knob has the ability to cut even a bit more what the DT achieves.