You can choose one boost pedal only

ZEN Amps

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Airis Savage Drive, Lovepedal Eternity or Mythos Mjolner, hard to choose just one.
Fine, you're allowed to choose three!

Seems the humble tube screamer is less of a kingpin these days, no great loss. Haven't tried a VFE standout, looks like an interesting unit with more control than your typical boost or OD pedal.


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Deadweald Duality. It slays. The green mode is probably my favorite TS type. The blue mode covers the TC type tones.


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Friedman Buxom Boost
+1 for the BB - I spent an hour in a small brick & mortar shop few years ago trying different boosts, this one won out over Keeley Katana & Xotic. It's best at 18V. Also love J Rocket Rockaway Archer, can do Klon, clean boost & 6 band EQ, very high quality.


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Hard to pick just one. I build a lot of my own pedals, so I would probably say my VFE Ice Scream Clone, Buxon Boost Clone, or BYOC Green Pony (Maxon OD 820 Clone).


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I'd go with some kind of EQ.
Probably a Boss GE-7 because that's what I'm used to.

To me, the main benefit of boosts is not their ability to add a distortion stage, but their ability to slam an amp's input and shape the guitar's low end to tighten things up. You can setup a good EQ to shape any guitar any way you want.


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I went on an OD bender of the past 5 years or so and ended up with an SD1 for Marshall's and a TS9 for the 50W Stealth. Recently picked up an SLO30 and prefer the SD1 with that as well. Still have and love my original Koko but am changing up my gain flavors a little bit. Probably will end up going back to the Koko eventually though. Always do.

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SInce its technically a 2 in 1, I'm going to cheat and say the new KMA Pylon I just got. The boost function on it is very serviceable and and the low end cut knob has the ability to cut even a bit more what the DT achieves.
I gotta agree here, just got one too and man the boost is so good on it, very tweakable. And the switching functions are awesome!!!!


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SD-1 because it is "good enough" and also sounds great. Can find them everywhere. Essentially the AK-47 of the pedal world.