Young neighbor kid wants to ROCK OUT!

If he's 'on the spectrum' that probably means he's in the Autistic Spectrum...sounds like he's high functioning so he could be a 'savant' in that he'll develop a skill that will far and away be off the charts compared to, if guitar is something he already enjoys you could be looking at a super talent in the making..if he's encouraged to pursue it.
Love to hear how this works out....keep us informed!
Indeed. My wife is a teacher and one of her former students is Autistic. He he currently a student at the University Of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and hes doing incredibly well!
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Ibanez GIO. You can get these in the short scale that is perfect for younger kids. Two humbuckers fixed bridge for under $100 on ebay or Music Go Round. Great little guitars. I got one for my daughter years ago.