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I actually prefer a heavier Les Paul. I think they have a better focus in the mids. My experience has been that they punch harder in the mix. But that's just me.
Me too, but only because I don't gig anymore. I really don't care what is weights, as long as it sounds good.
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Late to the party but, 85LPC


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What mods have you done to Hello Kitty? I have one that I swapped all the hardware and pickup.
I upgraded all electronics, EVH 500K LF Pot, Switchcraft Input Jack, Duncan Full Shred pickup. Added Hipshot Locking Tuners, Tusq Nut, did the Charvel brass knob, jack plate, string trees and saddles. Dunlap strap locks and all stainless steel screws. Started off as a joke, but turned into a really killer playing and sounding Strat.


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Just got this creme 1963 SG Special the other day. Definitely somewhere in the top 3 of what I’ve got, but will need more time to decide exactly where it would rank. It’s the most punchy and aggressive vintage P90 guitar I’ve tried so far (why I chose it), while the ‘57 Jr posted before sounds prettier/sweeter, chewier and more bluesy


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Right now it's probably this, but changes. For a few months it was my LP. Depends I guess. I Have 3 higher end $$ guitars and rotate those mostly with the others getting occasional use or different tunings. Actually, LP is in full rotation now too since it stays in tune.


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Gibson Les Paul Tribute w MAPLE (gasp!) neck. satin finish. tobacco burst, replacement wiring harness with non-gibson universal clip n screw in solderless pick up dock. Put a Jazz in the neck and i swap back and forth between a JB and a Pearly Gates at the bridge during string changes.

since i tried a satin finish guitar 5 years ago, i have almost exclusively bought satin finishes. love it