Your Favorite: Album, Song, Guitarist, Bands (Top 5), and Best Concert

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I was just reading though the sticky "how old are Ya Guys?" but what will really tell me something about you is answers to these 5 Questions.

So here are mine.


Album: Radiohead - The Bends
Song: Radiohead - Let Down (Strangely its not on The Bends)
Guitarist: Adam Jones (Tool) and Billy Howerdel (A Perfect Circle)
5 Bands: Tool, A Perfect Circle, The National, Radiohead, Chevelle
Concert: 2018 The National at the Metro in Chicago (A Lollapalooza afterhours concert at 1am).

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Album; KORN "The Nothing"
Song; Led Zeppelin "Achilles' Last Stand"
Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix
5 bands; Slayer, Pantera, KORN, The Who, Between The Buried and Me
Concert; Jeff Beck 1980 at UMASS Amherst
Saw Korn with Chevelle this year. They were bad ass.


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Album: Appetite for Destruction - G&R
Song: Metallica- Master of Puppets
Guitarist: Eddie Van Halen
5 Bands: KISS, Metallica, Zeppelin, The Beatles, Deep Purple
Concert: 1988, Cinderella and AC/DC, front row against the bar, Wheeling Civic Center, WV


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Van Halen - Fair Warning Album

August 4th, 1981, My very first concert:


Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance Album,

*LIVE Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee.
Fantastic show👍

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Album; Peace Sells. One song away from perfection. The cover song blows.
Song; Tom Sawyer
Guitarist: Too many
5 bands; Slayer, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Skynyrd , Rush
Concert; Metallica MOP tour opening for Ozzy in Columbus, OH


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Album: Good Luck
Song: Same
Guitarist: Slightly less absurd (I’ll try to cooperate and just say RR)
5 Bands: I’ll just say Acid Bath, Slayer, Danzig (who also counts as SAMHAIN/Misfits), FNM, and Sabbath
Concert: Clash of the Titans ’91


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This is of my head:

Album: Hemispheres
Song: Accolade II(Symphony X)
Guitarist: Criss Oliva
Bands: Rush, Work of Art, DGM, Savatage, Carcass
Best Concert: Hmm...I've seen over 5k, too many to narrow my fav....


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Album: Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
Song: This is too tough..
Guitarist: Randy Rhoads
Bands: Ozzy/Sabbath, Soundgarden, Deftones, Incubus, Tool, Pantera
Concert: Metallica - "Banned in Philly" show. 2 days after my birthday, my cousin told me to skip school for a surprise, drove from ny to philly to watch them play in a parking lot with 10 kajillion people. I THINK it was my first concert. Could have been my second. Either way it was pretty fucking cool.


Album: The Blackening
Song : Halo
Guitarist: Andy Timmons
Bands: Machinehead (Obviously), Accept, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Alter Bridge ( honorable mention to KSE)
Concert: Rush at Red Rocks (could be about a dozen others)
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Album:Use Your Illusion I and II ( one album to me always )
Song:Master of Puppets ( I guess that’s too hard )
Guitarist : Jason Becker /Marty Friedman
Band: Deftones , Pantera , Van Halen , AC/DC , Canibal Corpse ,Glass Jaw
Concert : Pantera GSTK tour . Ft Wayne In 1996
This could change tomorrow lol


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Album - Van Halen l
Song - I'm The One (VH)
Guitarist - Gary Moore
5 Bands - Van Halen , UFO , Scorpions , Gary Moore , Dokken
Concert - Van Halen June 12th 1981 Oakland Coliseum

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Live - Dokken - Beast From the East
Studio - Van Halen (1st album)
Cheesiest - Grim Reaper - Rock You to Hell

Song: Candlebox - Sometimes

Guitarist: Gilmour, EVH, Lynch, Brata

5 Bands: Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Dream Theater, Kamelot, Queensryche

Concert: Pink Floyd - Pulse Tour, New Orleans Super Dome
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^ I didn't think to add a live album along with a studio album. I'll add UFO Strangers In The Night

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^ I didn't think to add a live album along with a studio album. I'll add UFO Strangers In The Night
I almost added that category originally, but thought I might be pushing it already with some many.

But for me best live album.

A Perfect Circle - Stone and Echo - Live at Red Rocks.

Their cover album didn't do much for me but the live versions were amazing. Marvin Gaye's What's Going On with a nasty guitar solo. Bad ass.


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Album: Hemispheres Rush​

Song: Too many…​

Guitarist: Uli Roth​

Bands (Top 5:) Uli Era Scorps, Rainbow / Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Rush and King Diamond​

Best Concert: Ozzy Diary tour with Randy​