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Rambling and question

Fri, Nov 16, 2018 3:12am

So, i have been gone for sometime, it seems the chat has been getting quiet.

Peter, how are you doing? and how is the other Peter doing?
I hope all is good in Diezel land :thumbsup:
I also havent followed the industry much but i seems its hard earning a buck in music these days.

Soon ill play the Herbert again :rock: I havent really played guitar this year, dont know what it is, maybe im getting old or its just work :confused:
Although i mainly play clean, but then again i just love the clean channel on the Herbert.

I play clean most of the time, channel 2 is my main channel for lead and rhythem. I have gain on ch.2 set aound 12 o'clock.
So im thinking of donsizing to a big max. Any of you who did that?



Re: Rambling and question

Fri, Nov 16, 2018 8:44am

I used to use all 4 channels of the VH4 in my band setup, but I think I spent most of my time with Ch1 & Ch2 at home. I felt these two channels were more versatile & certainly Ch2 (compared to 3 & 4) was more balanced. Ch2 took overdrives amazingly well. I played 3 & 4 less & less over time.

Over the years I think I've found I prefer dialing in much less extreme settings on the amp & use pedals to push the amp & give me all the pick attack, scream, dynamics & compression that I otherwise wouldn't get from the amp itself.
I think an amp is much more versatile, the cleaner & less extreme the amp sounds, so I understand the idea of going with a Big Max or similar.

My own tone search has led me to see that I can do more with lower output & vintage pickups & genre-neutral guitars into less extreme amps. I can throw pedals at a setup like that without sacrificing tone & be able to turn them off & clean up from the guitar to play a mix of styles.

I had to sell my VH4 after having 2 children & buying a property. I now play through a PCB cornford combo at home only. Massive difference in value, capability & power but really sounds stellar. I certainly miss the VH4, but I realised that money doesn't necessarily buy you tone & i'm somewhat consoled.
Also that I probably don't need a 4 channel 100w stadium-tour-worthy amplifier that I can't get out of first gear.

Re: Rambling and question

Fri, Nov 16, 2018 11:01am

My return rant.
I get it,
I started out in Diezelland with a VH4 almost 20 years ago....
I was 22 years old , now I’m pushing 40.
Wife House Kids Work. Yeah man., time flies.

I have played and been happy with the VH4 many years, maybe 5 years ago I wanted to see what all the Herbert fuss was about so I bought one.
Also an amazing amp ... so that led me to a Schmidt.
Also an amazing amp.
All different but still Diezel.

There have been times that I played less, and more.
Been more into recording lately, trying to finish up a record.
It’s about music, still , nothing else seems as relaxing as bashing around on a guitar.

Mr Diezel’s creations do something that other amps don’t quite do the same. (yes even Wizard, Bogner etc..)
Its the Diezel voicing.
Whenever I try a gig with another amp , it’s a little disappointing.
The magic isn’t quite there.
The way a Diezel pokes through and fills out the mix is organic and musical.
Other stuff just kind of pokes through and is there, but it’s either not as massive or as warm and pleasing to the ear as a Diezel.

I still gig sometimes with the VH4 but lately it’s been mainly with the Schmidt.
I’m using Schmidt’s broken up cleans and warm-fat channel 2 drive sounds.
When I take out the VH4 , it’s mainly ch2 , with a little ch3 mixed in there at the heaviest parts.
I used to live on channel 3..

I’m sure BigMax, Paul or Schmidt would be killer.
You don’t need a 100w for great tone.

Enjoy today
It’s all we have.

Re: Rambling and question

Mon, Nov 26, 2018 10:24am

Thanks for your input.

As its a luxury problem, ill see when its time to first try a big max.
I find myself in both of your stories. I will always love the Diezel sound so i will always play Diezel but im not a gain junky anymore. A bit of a lowerd gain setting makes the tone fuller and open.

So, when its time and i do the swap, i will let you know :thumbsup:
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