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PostPosted: Mon, Dec 31, 2018 10:22am 
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Hey all, looking at picking up a used Lil fokker from my local GC. $1399 is the price, which I'm ok with paying.

Anyways, I brought my Herbert mki in to try against the fokker and actually preferred the tone of the fokker, except for the low end being looser. The fokker had Ruby el34b's in it. Would kt77's tighten it up? Or is there any easy change to the circuit to add a little tighter low end?

Second, I'm not in love with the look. I'd probably spray the blue grate black, and then I'd like to source some black knobs like the ones that come on the Herbert, where is the best place to find these knobs? Has a different faceplate ever been made for the Lil fokker? I'm guessing no since it was a limited run.

Advice is appreciated!

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PostPosted: Mon, Dec 31, 2018 2:53pm 
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No, the looser low end comes from the input stage I think. In case you're talking palm muted riffing, I don't think changing power tubes will help in that respect.
BTW, I find Fokker's clean/crunch channel to be phenomenal. Nicer than VH4's.

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PostPosted: Thu, Jan 03, 2019 11:40pm 

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I actually just recently picked up a fokker with stock tubes (KT-77 power section) what you are describing is the exact sound I experience. It's basically like a dual rec (rev G) that's a lot easier to dial in with a phenomenal clean/crunch channel. For my tastes it needs a boost; but once you get it dialed in with a boost it easily does any heavy tone you need it to.

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