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Buying New Herbert Mk3 or Used Mk1? Tighter, Worth It?

Fri, Jan 25, 2019 5:28pm

Hey Diezel Dudes and :cheers: to Peter, I'm a long time VH4 owner with a recording studio that has many amps and a band buddy with a Herbert Mk1 (we've recorded and compared to almost all the big time metal amps). I'm going to get a Herbert to use as my main amp in one of my other metal bands (been using an Engl Invader II). I already know the Herbert rules metal and that the new MK3 does midi now for the +/- etc but my main concerns are sonically....

What is the real and noticeable sonic difference if both amps were dialed in exactly the same?
The initial feedback I've heard is that it's tighter, is this true both in a real back to back comparison and maybe internally (Peter)?
Also when I do comparison recordings I do them in a very anal and controlled way, not something I played one or two years ago and then say an MK3 last week. So anyone with real, in the moment, back to backs like this that can comment?

I would happily buy a new MK3 if it's truly tighter etc and has the newer features to make playing it live more practical to get the recorded tone. But if it's not a real noticeable difference than an MK1 than I'll save the $1800 and get an EVH 3 with the saved money.


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