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Author:  Sorbz62 [ Mon, Nov 26, 2018 5:00pm ]
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Author:  lester [ Tue, Nov 27, 2018 2:11pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trade My SL68 for an OD100 SE+ plus cash

Well I find the SE+ to be a two channel amp, it's not really three for me. It's the clean and the boosted channel 2 or the clean and the unboosted side plus a pedal. The 2nd channel has a sort of a thick Marshally based tone that John seems to have left room to add a pedal to and the boosted side which doesn't need anything really. Only thing I'd like to see on it would be a second master.
If you're looking for the tone and variety you get from using your volume on the guitar with the SL68, I don't think that's really there. But the SE+ has a 100 watt clean channel with a boost and a bright switch, negative feedback adjustment and three position depth. As good as it is, that alone some might say is worth the price of the amp. Hell, I even have used it as a power amp for my Axe Fx and it kicked ass for that too. All in all the SE + is a beast but I wouldn't say it's like the 68 at all. Both are killer in their own ways.
If you're looking for that Marshall kerrang...the SE+ doesn't really kerrang...it smashes.

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