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 Post subject: Diezel D-Moll
PostPosted: Sun, Jan 15, 2017 3:29pm 
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Wow...its punchy, cuts through a crowded mix, crisp, clean and huge sounding. In a span of a few days I went from never having thought of having a Diezel to wondering if I could possibly live without it. It sounds...amazing. Its not exactly cheap but its worth every penny.

Me, My Playing & My Guitars (for reference)

I play mostly rock and only for fun. I am in my mid-thirties and I am well out of practice but still love every minute I get to play. Occasionally jam with buddies but am not in a band nor do I play professionally anymore.

I have mostly been playing the D-Moll so far with a variety of PRS (standard 24, custom 22 and NF3), a Stratocaster (pretty run of the mill American Strat) and an Ernie Ball/MM Axis.

For additional reference, other amps in my collection include Soldano, Friedman, Marsahll, Mesa/Boogie and Bogner.


The D-Moll is a three channel amp that features an effect loop, dual master volume controls, a controllable mid-cut, MIDI switching for channels, FX, master volume and mid-cut, and presence/depth controls. The clean channel has its own EQ and the crunch and solo channels share an EQ.

The three channels are: Clean, Crunch and Insanity. Crunch and Insanity are voiced a little closer together than I would probably prefer, but they both sound fantastic.

There really aren't a lot of features missing. Obviously it would be nice if all three channels had their own EQ but it didnt seem to affect me much in practice. I love the switches on the front for channel switching, mute, and FX loop.

// 9


There are a few adjectives I'd use to describe the overall tone of the amp: deep, punchy, responsive and crisp. Every sound the D-Moll makes sounds radio ready, right as youre playing it. It might be the most fun amp I have to play for that reason alone.

The clean channel can do a surprisingly convincing blackface-fender type tone (especially in conjunction with the mid-cut), and from 0-10 on the gain knob it covers everything from completely sterile clean up to a plexi-sounding crunch. It has a very musical sounding compression to it that goes up as you increase gain and sounded mix-ready with all of my guitars. Given Diezel's reputation among metal players I wasnt expecting too much from the clean channel, but it sounds fantastic.

The crunch channel is where things start to get interesting. With the right combo of guitar and adjustments to EQ, mid-cut, and gain, I was really able to get an impressive array of tones here. Tones like JCM800-esque raunch and Mesa-Boogie metal rhythm were all there, and all sounded amazing. It doesnt get "spongey" like a Marshall but the same mid-range and grind is there. It sounded fantastic all around.

// 10

Reliability & Durability:

Well, it seems solidly built. But I've only owned it for a week or so now. Also it's worth noting that my gear very rarely leaves the house.

// ???

Fun fact: My name is Dave. Dan Burton was the name on my fake ID in college.
Guitars: PRS (x8), Gibson (x10), Fender (x7), Ibanez (x4), Charvel (x2), EBMM (x2), Dean, Parker & Martin.
Amps: Friedman (x3), Soldano (x4), Diezel (x2), Mesa (x3), Wizard, Splawn (x2), Marshall (x8), Voodoo (x3), Fender (x2), Bogner (x2), KSR & Ceriatone.

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 Post subject: Re: Diezel D-Moll
PostPosted: Sat, Jun 10, 2017 8:14pm 

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One my favorite Diezel amp.

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