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Gibson 490/498 vs boutique ThroBak Pickups on Zakk Wylde LP

Wed, Jul 17, 2019 5:20am

Trying some other pickups for my Zakk Wylde Les Paul, still can't decide which I like more, gibson or ThroBak.
basically I'm very happy with 490/498, but as far as Clarity and openness ThroBak Is whole other league, but because it's PAF repro, im not sure if it's right fit for my Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde, this guitar intended to be most for metal and hard rock.
which one do you like more?
Gibson 490R, 498T – were taken from old Les Paul Custom from 90's
Neck – A2 magnet, 7.8K
Bridge – A5 magnet, 13.8K
ThroBak d*ck Wagner Signature Set
Neck – 8.3K (long A5 Unoriented),
Bridge 9.2K (short A5)
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