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Join Trace Davis, designer of the VPLEX and VROCK amp series in discussing his designs and approach to working on amplifiers.
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Iron Maiden's Dave Murray - Voodoo Modded JMP-1

Fri, Aug 04, 2017 9:28am

From June 28th

Dave Murray of Iron Maiden – I am both honored & humbled to be able to tell you that the legendary Dave Murray has (2) Voodoo Amps Platinum Modified JMP-1 preamps he’s been using on the most current run of Maiden’s 2017 ‘Book of Souls’ tour. Dave’s Guitar Tech Mr Colin Price was kind enough to snap this close-up photo for which we are so very grateful (thank you Colin!) Maiden is among one of a select few artists that can still sell out the biggest venues in the world & that is truly impressive on every level. We are so very proud that in some small way we were able to be a part of Dave’s tone. As always please feel free to share as you & please do a kindness for someone along the way – Trace Davis, President / Founder


Re: Iron Maiden's Dave Murray - Voodoo Modded JMP-1

Sun, Nov 18, 2018 10:00pm

Do you know Dave's settings ??
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