Helios 50 vs Eclipse
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Author:  fatbagg [ Thu, Aug 29, 2019 10:26pm ]
Post subject:  Helios 50 vs Eclipse

Hey everyone. I used to have an Eclipse, and I should have never sold it. My gripe was too much gain and noise, I usually played with gain backed way off, which worked, but I let it go.
Now I have a chance to get a regular Helios 50. I don’t need clean to mean switchable, so I am ok with using the hot input for crunch/rhythm and then lead. My questions are-

How much gain is available in the hot 80s mode?

Tonally, do the eclipse and the Regular Helios sound about the same? Chewy, fat, easy feeling, super big midrange, nonfizz6, etc...

How do I control the gain of ‘channel 1’?

How does the 50 ‘feel’ compared to the 100? I like a softer feel, not too tight or fast. The Eclipse felt amazing!

Author:  fatbagg [ Sun, Sep 08, 2019 6:24pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Helios 50 vs Eclipse

Cool. Thank guys, haha!

Author:  Ventura [ Thu, Nov 07, 2019 4:05pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Helios 50 vs Eclipse

fatbagg wrote:
Cool. Thank guys, haha!

Ya man, it's been a bit quiet around these parts as of late hasn't it?!?! I'm sorry Bro...

I think Bogner's been keeping their heads down and are hard at work looking for the next best thing, or perhaps refining or "redefining" what's already out there. It's been a VERY quiet forum.

I'd do some YT searches - check out Prashant's vids, and Reza's got a couple vids up too. Maybe those are good starting points - as well - sending an email to customer service or giving Bogner HQ a call is also an option. They've always been extremely helpful when it comes to my questions and the like.

Good luck!! I've had a mixed bag of both experience and others reviews on the Helios and Eclipse. I know a lot of cats KEPT the Helios. I know of several cats who've sworn by the Eclipse, but also a lot who've let it go citing whatever reasoning.

I'm an Eclipse guy moreover a Helios (standard) guy, but for what I'm really leaning into, it's TwinJet territory for the brootz (as I've got the 20thA Sheevs and 20thA XTC already in the stable).

Good luck man!!

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