-I'm a believer!!!-
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Author:  sg guy [ Thu, Jan 26, 2017 9:33pm ]
Post subject:  -I'm a believer!!!-

-new WIZARD MC 1 owner, I once scoffed at WIZARD amps, never heard one clip-(EROCK's clip was the best I heard)-that made them stand out, it was always "gotta be in the room" & "feel" that was to describe WIZARD's, I've never even seen one before, well I thought I would roll the dice, HOLY TITTY FUCKS!!! its been a very long time that I had any piece of gear that put a perma,shit eating grin on my face like this particular amp has!! every description you hear, every adjective, there all true!!

-(DISCLAIMER)-this particular amp has been nodded by Mark Cameron, so that's gotta figure into it as well, goes from smooth high gain to the meanest mutha fucking evil demon of a voice ever!!

-still messing with it, tube rolling, bias, nob twisting and just looking at it with list filled eyes, I'm afraid to leave it at home alone!!

-what's everyone using for tubes? Setting's?, tame the volume a little bit but still retain that WIZARD SLEDGEHAMMER to the SOUL VIBE!!

-the Master Volume pot need's to be replaced, its scratchy and sometimes there's a dead spot right where it goes from 1 to 11!!

Author:  sg guy [ Sat, Jan 28, 2017 9:19pm ]
Post subject:  Re: -I'm a believer!!!-

-the middle preamp tube's heater isn't working, but it sounds so bad ass I don't care right now, don't wanna waste any time pulling the meter out, and the chassis is still pulled from biasing it-(GOLD LION KT77's, maybe too good, way too much dynamics and harmonic's, I have to physically try not to use the back edge of the pic)-its biased hot @42, plate voltage is 489,

Author:  halebox [ Sun, Feb 12, 2017 2:40am ]
Post subject:  Re: -I'm a believer!!!-

Mark Cameron does have a certain mod where the volume pot is scratchy. I own one and had another before but he doesnt do them often. Be sure you find out from a former owner is thats the case or knob just went bad. I know its been for sale here a couple times

Author:  sg guy [ Mon, Feb 13, 2017 1:25am ]
Post subject:  Re: -I'm a believer!!!-

-thanx man, will do!

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