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Guillaume Pille from Two Notes is here on board to answer all your questions about their amp simulators!
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Torpedo Captor inbuilt Cab sim

Mon, May 13, 2019 6:48pm

Hi all,

I have bought torpedo captor primarily for just gigging at venues where amplified sound is not aloud on stage, however wanted to retain the feel of playing through an amp so just use a EL84 based 15W head, run through the captor. This gig is generally only 3-4 times a year, and don't use it for recording.

I generally gig everywhere else with a Vox AC15 (with greenback), and want to try achieve a similar tone with the captor. I believe the inbuilt sim is based off a 4 x greenback quad box?
Problem I have is I'm not entirely happy with the output tone and wondering if I would be wasting my time getting the two notes CAB and trying different cab options? In a live gig im wondering if it will really make any difference? I know the audience prob wont even notice, but I'm a type of player that seems to struggle if i'm not happy with my tone, it affects my playing. I wish I can disconnect from that fact, but I cant.

So the question here is - will the two notes CAB actually make a real difference? Does the CAB options sound way better than the inbuilt sim in the Captor?


Re: Torpedo Captor inbuilt Cab sim

Tue, May 21, 2019 2:20am

So just to follow up on my above post, I just had another gig in which to use the Captor and realized this unit suits a humbucker type guitar alot better. All my single coil guitars sounded fizzy and so ended up using Les Paul through out the night.

However I'm not really getting a real clean tone and humbuckers certainly don't assist there. So its a trade off game at the moment.
So my question again, can the Torpedo CAB make a noticeable difference compared to the built in cab simulator in the captor?

Anyone else notice this or is it just me?
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