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Guillaume Pille from Two Notes is here on board to answer all your questions about their amp simulators!
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Vox AC10 with Torpedo X

Fri, Jul 03, 2020 3:26pm

Hello all. I’ve been researching everything about the X and I understand that it’s 8ohm. I have an AC10 that runs only 16ohm. I have no intention of running thru the X back into the cab of the combo. I’ll usually be running into in ears or to a PA. Forgive me if this a terrible question, but will I have any problems with this setup? I appreciate the expert advice, as I am clearly a novice. I’m trying to get by without the neighbors calling the cops again.
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Re: Box AC10 with Torpedo X

Tue, Jul 07, 2020 3:03am

I suppose that you mean a VOX AC10, right?

The VOX AC10 is a tube amp.
1.) A tube amp always need a load, never run it without cab or a corresponding load box!!
2.) the load box or cab impedance must have the same value, which the amp is made for (in your case 16 Ohm)
3.) a load box or cab must be always connected when the amp is powered on, it doesn´t matter if you want to use in ears, PA or whatever.
4.) if you run a tube amp without a load or with the wrong load impedance, it can burn up !!!

That means, you need a 16 Ohm load box for your amp.


Re: Vox AC10 with Torpedo X

Tue, Jul 07, 2020 9:45am

Thanks for the info. I’ve been getting smarter on this thing but it’s been difficult to find what I need with no ability to get a hands on test due to COVID and backorders. What I am struggling to find out is if I run the X on FULL without routing back to the cabinet (for example amp-x-mixer then split to a monitor and in ears) will I be safe? I’m guessing not. I think I’d be safe if I was running back to the cabinet on FULL but the entire purpose is to bring volumes down while still getting good tone out of my amp. Everyone keeps mentioning the 16ohm version. When is that thing coming out?

Re: Vox AC10 with Torpedo X

Wed, Jul 08, 2020 5:22am

here are some further information:



But if it comes to safety and to good sound, I would not recommend an impedance mismatch.
Please consider, this is only my opinion, probably it is better you get directly in touch with the Two Notes support.

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