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Captor X : Problem with Torpedo Remote v5 and loaded IRs

Wed, Sep 02, 2020 10:37am

I have 2 Captor X units and getting the same thing with both.

Connected Captor X to my windows 10 laptop and fire up Torpedo Remote v5.
I use IR Manager to import an IR file from my laptop to Captor X memory. This part
appears to work fine. The IR file is loaded into the Captor X memory slot.

However, after importing, I get an error "Unable to Get IR Data from Torpedo" if I try
to use IR Loader or Virtual Cabinet tabs. Seems to freeze at first and then after 20 seconds
or so the error pops up. Basically Torpedo Remote v5 is unusable if my Captor X has an IR
file loaded in its memory.

Using mobile version of Torpedo Remote with iPad/iPhone works fine. I can load IR preset
and everything works fine with mobile. Problem seems to be with laptop version of Remote.

Same thing with both my Captor X units.

Any ideas? thanks!

Re: Captor X : Problem with Torpedo Remote v5 and loaded IRs

Mon, Sep 07, 2020 2:54am

Sorry you are having this issue, have you opened a ticket on the help desk about it?
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