Orange amp plus rat for stoner metal?
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Author:  BatmansRigTalk [ Sun, Jan 12, 2020 6:25pm ]
Post subject:  Orange amp plus rat for stoner metal?

So I have had a Tiny Terror for four years now and I have never really used distortion pedals with it as it's not exactly a pedal amp. The most I have used is a TS9 for boosting. You basically crank the gain and tone and then ease back on the gain to taste and ease back on tone for deeper tones. However, I have recently noticed that there are some people who use distortion pedals with the Orange amp. With my amp and a few other orange amps, there is no clean channel. It a function of the gain. Low gain clean, midway crunch, above 12 high gain.

I have seen some videos in which people are using a RAT distortion box with their Orange amps. They have the gain under 12 O'clock or much less and the RAT distortion 12 to 3 filter up 1 and volume up to 3.

The Orange amp's gain is usually down between 9 and 12. So it's not totally clean but somewhere towards the midway crunch. So it seems to me with low tunings and this setup you can get a good stoner metal type tone out of it. Masters of Reality Black Sabbath type stuff.

So is what is happening some sort of combination of Orange and Rat distortion using mostly the Rat's distortion sounds?

Can the same be done with TS9 or is it specific to the Rat?

Do you need a vintage RAT or will just the ProCo RAT2 will do?

I hear MATAMP can do the same. What sort of pedal with those gives you a typical stoner metal tone?

BTW I have a Power Amp distortion pedal that sounds like a cranked Model T Sunn :)) called an EQD Acapulco Gold. Maybe combining that might do something similar?

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