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PostPosted: Sun, Jan 27, 2019 7:29am 

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For those who are looking for an overview of the newly revealed Diezel amp, here is what I have managed to glean so far (based on various posts and the few available clips I have found from NAMM 2019):

The new amp is called the VHX.
It has fully analog/tube preamp and poweramp sections, but they are controlled digitally using a relay matrix or something like that.
Its overall sound might be based on the VH4 alone, or some combination of the VH4 and Herbert architectures.

Here is an image from Peter's NAMM 2019 Thread:

The knobs are digital encoders (rather than analog pots), and thus spin 360 degrees around (stepped) while adjusting the amps internal parameters.

-The knob by itself on the left (with the 3 lines next to it) appears to cycle through saved presets or move around the screen, but I am not entirely sure.

From top to bottom on the left side of the display (while in Preamp adjustment mode):
  1. Gain (Adjusts channel Gain and can be pressed/clicked to cycle through the gain modes: Clean, Crunch, Rhythm, and Lead.)
  2. Bright or Shape (This knob appears to have different functions depending on which channel is selected. Looks to be "Bright" for the Clean channel and "Shape", which is shown to gradually adjust tonal character/voice, for the others.)
  3. Treble
  4. Middle
  5. Bass

From top to bottom on the right side of the display (while in Preamp adjustment mode):
  1. Master (Adjusts Master Volume and can be pressed/clicked to switch between regular Master Volume, and low-wattage/1-watt mode.)
  2. Volume (Adjusts the Channel Volume.)
  3. Presence
  4. Mid-Cut. (The amp has mid-cut included, so it may simply be VH4+Midcut, or imply some combination with or availability of Herbert tones.)
  5. Depth

-I am not entirely clear on the various controls for the FX menu mode, but it appears that the bottom right knob is used for moving around and it looks as if multiple knobs are likely clickable for selecting various effect types/blocks and editing parameters.

  1. Preamp (Press switch to show Preamp parameters on screen and make adjustments using the knobs.)
  2. FX (Press switch to show FX parameters on screen and make adjustments using the knobs.)
  3. Store (Save Preset.)
  4. Mute (Mutes amp. Mute status is shown on the Display.)

-The amp includes a variety of built-in effects.
-Effects can be placed before or after the preamp.
-The display appears to indicate 8 slots/blocks.
-One of the blocks is shown to be labelled as "Loop A". This may indicate that there is also a "Loop B" available in the DSP, or that a Loop B is included as an analog/serial/etc loop, however, the Loop A block could also potentially be used to place an analog loop between built-in DSP effects. (I am also assuming that any included analog loops are switchable and store-able within the presets.)

Effects I have managed to spot so far:
  1. Comp (Compressor)
  2. Chorus
  3. Tremolo
  4. Delay
  5. Reverb
  6. GEQ (Graphic Equalizer. I am actually quite happy about this inclusion as it would allow for some nice fine-tuning and a lot of interesting tone-shaping possibilities.)
  7. Tuner

-I have yet to determine whether the DSP effects are all serial or if they have wet/dry controls available, but it stands to reason that blend controls could easily be included.

-The amp has built in DSP cabinet modelling / the ability to load IRs for custom options.

Additional Thoughts:
-I have yet to see anything posted about the wattage of the amp, but I am assuming 100W unless I see something to suggest otherwise.
-I have yet to see anything regarding the back panel, but I would assume the amp includes all of the usual Diezel connections.
-I think it is safe to assume that there will be a dedicated recording output of some kind.
-I am going to guess that this amp may have a USB port of some kind for firmware updates or possibly something like preset adjustment from a computer, but that is only a guess.

I will edit/update this post with any corrections or additional information as it becomes available. :rock:

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PostPosted: Sun, Jan 27, 2019 10:44am 
Diezel Amplification
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We will have a manual of course. It needs maybe 2 to 3 months
to go into production and remove some small bugs.
We try to add a pre loop to the front panel and maybe a
third master called output which is not store able.
Let´s see what we discuss after the NAMM. Most work
is done and the amp sounds not bad ;-)

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PostPosted: Sun, Jan 27, 2019 11:10am 
Immortal Rock God
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Looking forward to checking this one out.

The fact that Stephen appears from nowhere, is sentenced to death in an emotional public trial without anyone interfering at all and is then altogether forgotten as if nothing happened, is already suspicious.

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PostPosted: Wed, Jan 30, 2019 12:53pm 
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So effectively 8 channels?

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PostPosted: Mon, Feb 18, 2019 2:09pm 

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This thing looks amazing. Can't wait to check one out.

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