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    George Lynch WTF?

    Well damn, wasn't that bad except the wierd ending!!!! I thought it was pretty good. A tribute to Eddie at Sweetwater, for guitar players. Thumbs up from me.
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    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    Had mine for 5 years, never a hiccup. Tuner is awesome, battery life is crazy good. Sound is better than cable,imo. Cannot go wrong with this.
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    Delay and reverb pedal all-in-one?

    Colider from Source Audio. Crazy pedal that sounds amazing, very organic and crisp. My favorite to date.
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    EVH D-tuna

    Blocked ones yes my friend!!! Eddie said so!!!!!🤣 Love my les paul but god damn, does not hold tuning like my Wolfs!!!!!!
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    EVH D-tuna

    No sweat man, i just find it sad that it is not working for you as i find it such a god send!!!!!! Sure hope you can figure it out!!! Also, the fine tuner screw has to touch the d tuna, if it is all the way out, it wont work. I ad about 1 1/2 turns of threads when the screw touches the d tuna...
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    EVH D-tuna

    Do not forget that the low string has to have it's fine tuner almost all the way backed off or else it will not go in all the way, will be very tight against the screw. I put a D tuna on an original floyd, an edge and the Peavey and Evh bridges without any issues, ever. Still use all of them...
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    EVH D-tuna

    Not true. I tune to C/drop B and it works perfectly. I have two on my 1991 Ibanez RG 565 with an Edge tremolo and they work flawlessly. Every guitar i put one on, works great. I dont get all the people for whom it does not work. Something is not setup right.
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    EVH D-tuna

    I have a guitar in C drop B with a D tuna with 12-56 strings and it stays 100% in tune. There must be something not set up right. Strings tight enough? Back rest solid? Bridge angle from low string to high pretty parallel? Sometimes if you have the treble side lower than the bass side, it...
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    In lieu of the Super Bowl... dueling guitars!!

    That was awesome man. Really enjoyed that.
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    Good Amp and no pedals....????

    Revv Generator 120. I would die and go to hell with that amp. I don't believe in heaven so there.
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    EVH D tuna

    Dont do that, your E is gonna go sharp. Just undo the the D tuna altogether and there is a spring inside. Just stretch it a little and it will keep the D tuna tighter to the bridge and keep it from rattling. Did that to a couple of mine.
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    A bunch of old VH pics

    Copyright BS.
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    Revv Generator 120 MKIII

    Same here, customer service is top notch. Dan guided me through a problem i had with midi and my G System, i bought the amp used too!!!! I remember the thread a while back talking about bad communications with them, i found out by myself that they are very fast to respond to emails. Yeah it...
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    Revv Generator 120 MKIII

    Modern amp. On the 3 and 4 channels. But the 2nd channel is pretty organic, but again, has that Revv signature tone. I really praise the Generator 120, one of my best amps to date. I would not sell all my other amps but if i had to choose between all of them to just keep one..... This one...
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    Revv Generator 120 MKIII

    They can sound fucking big i know, but i keep my depth a bit lower than other amps and it makes a big difference, it becomes more articulate and precise. Witch some might not like. I love modern tones so put that into consideration. Purple channel with gain low and no aggression has a damn nice...