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    Return of the other kings...

    I kinda agree here, Vile and Gallery of Suicide were two very unique records in their catalog and I was hoping they would stay that versatile, The last 5 or 6 or more records sound very similar style wise, almost like they are the AC/DC of death metal haha. I love it though so it's not a knock...
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    Lil sneak

    Ohhhh I LOVE tight and greasy! I think this will be THE new amp purchase!
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    Canadian Classifieds

    Any fellow Canucks have a SPLAWN 100 watt Nitro with 6550's for sale?
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    Splawn Nitro EL34B Playthrough

    I've always wanted a Splawn Nitro to go with my Splawn cab hahaha, I'd love to play one first. I suppose I could snag a used one and not lose any dough! Thanks for the vid!
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    4x12 Speaker Cabinet "Holy Grail"

    I don't know if it's the "best" cab but I've owned my Splawn 1960B style cab for close to 15 years and I know it so well that I'm biased but I also REALLY like the Mesa Traditional straight and I played a Wizard cab with Zakk wylde EVM12l's and that was insane.
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    Ever been ripped off selling/buying gear online ?

    I remember so many of these, 357 customs wow, Vince Scamsaver and so on. I personally got scammed on 2 separate occasions on JEMSITE neither of which came to a really GOOD conclusion but I did get some of the money/parts back. Was ALMOST scammed by Mike Sherman if you guys remember that guy...
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    Wanted Mako Mak 2

    Hey guys I'm on the hunt for an unobtainable thing! the Mako Mak 2 If you have one or know of one, don't hesitate. Please let me know. Thanks.
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    Steavens Poundcake amps?

    Okay guys I'm still working out in this Apocalypse but I'm on the hunt for an amp I've never owned but have played. So lets talk about the Steavens poundcake! Does anyone here currently own one? I've seen some videos and there are tones there I really dig. I've red all the posts on here I...
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    Black faceplate for VH4?

    Hi guys. Is it possible to get a black faceplate on a VH4? Just a thought. Cheers.
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    Kartakou Collossus preamp?

    Hey guitar folks. Anyone have a Kartakou Collossus preamp? They sound pretty good from what I've heard on YouTube, anyone own one though? What is the quality like? Thanks.
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    Watned Mesa Boogie Coliseum 300 power amp

    Hi guys I'm on the hunt for a Mesa Boogie Coliseum 300 Power amp. I found one in Ohio but it's in need of service and I'm not interested in paying for something that needs work. Picture for attention. Let me know if you have one and what you are looking to get. Cheers.
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    Fortin Cali at Winter NAMM

    Here is a new amp to get twisted over!
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    Wanted Black Floyd rose Pro

    Hey shredders. I'm looking for a Black Floyd Rose Pro, made in Germany. Not the 1000. It doesn't have to be mint or new, just has to be black and the German made bridge. Let me know what you have.
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    Wanted~ Bareknuckle Aftermath bridge pickup.

    Hey guys I'm looking for a good deal on a BKP Aftermath bridge pickup, preferred a black open coil with allen head bolts. 50mm spacing and 4 conductor. I would take a black battle worn cover as well if that is all you have. Hit me up with what you have, I'm located in Ontario, Canada. Cheers.
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    Bogner Eclipse

    Thought I would ask here in case anyone has asked, but Can the Eclipse be ordered with a metal grill? I'd like to get one and I know they are shipping now, just thought I'd ask here. Cheers