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    Triple G rectifier clip

    Congrats man! I wish I could find another Mesa locally. BTW, are you certain you nabbed a Rev. G? Normally, the Rev. Gs all has the larger Mesa logo...
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ vs Mesa Boogie Mark IV - Metal

    Hey Donnie, I’ve played all the amps in question. In my personal opinion, the Mark V’s modes for the IIC+ and the IV aren’t that close. It’s hard to describe, but I’d say the biggest difference is in the FEEL of the Mark V: - the Mark IV mode seems less “complex”. The best way I can try to...
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    LP folks; What strap are you using?

    My last ex had a very creative idea and ordered me a custom guitar strap from these guys... It is the nicest leather strap I have ever played with. However, I will warn you, the ex had some heated interactions with owner, so maybe stay away...
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    Hahaha! Do they handle ferret rights too?! Sorry, no Herbert here...but I do have a few Coliseums and Triple Rectifiers in the stable.
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    I can visualize exactly the sort of scenario you are explaining. I had a buddy that was a great lead player, but had the worst, overly-trebly tone I ever heard. For months, I just wanted to hide a Wah in his FX loop, and lock it in the heel-down position without him knowing. Eventually, the...
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe? pick city is not a fun place to be! I wonder if your presence pot was replaced at some point? Thankfully, I can run my pots in a more usable range, but I don’t goose them.
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    Edit: I’m speaking straight from memory, so you may want to research Skyes rig, but I specifically remember his rig with Blue Stripe Coliseums. Keep in mind, the Blue Stripes existed in 1987, and I remember a few late 1986 examples, but I don’t have my pics readily available. There were also two...
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    Well, I’d have to say no. Yes, the Blue Stripes are the most pissed off of any of the stripes, but I wouldn’t describe them as harsh unless you’re running the presence super high. Personally, i have 2 Blue Stripes: a Coliseum and a Simulclass. I run my treble on my Blue Stripe really high...
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    Stock? I personally think the lead channel would be in the ballpark, but I think a Purple would be a little less aggressive than Sykes tone. If you’re trying to nail Sykes tone, you’d be better served using a Blue Stripe like he did, but you could pick up a Black/Purple/Red/Blue Stripe and have...
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    The first III I ever played was a Purple Stripe, and I really regret not picking it up. The Lead Channel certainly sounded different...more dark, and missing some of the responsiveness of the No Stripe Channel 2 was much, much lower gain than any of the other revisions I ever played, but the...
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    Mesa mark 3 no stripe?

    I love my No Stripe. I used to read how much lower the gain was on Black/No Stripe Mark IIIs and pretty much wrote them off for my needs...until I played a few. Yes, they have less gain than a Blue and even a Red Stripe, but they have plenty of gain for any genre you want to play. I certainly...
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    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Rev #006

    I have my pre-500 and my Rev. G, both Blackfaces, and to my ears, they sound different enough to be used in different scenarios. My Pre-500 definitely sounds tighter, and more aggressive, while my Rev. G sounds thick and multi-dimensional. I usually combine one of my Coliseums with one of my...
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    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    No worries! Not a noob comment at all! I had to look at it a little harder to figure out what I was looking at! My sig is old. I haven’t changed it in years. Partially because I can’t pull my old images from the dumpster fire that is Photobucket. I think I had a similar sig on the old Boogie...
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    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    Old bass amp designs. Not plywood...Snake Skin Tolex, but they probably would have benefitted from a high resolution
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    NGD: Sexplorer Content

    So, I finally achieved it. I've wanted an Explorer since I first started playing guitar, and I can finally say that I own one. I wanted to score an Alpine White Explorer, but the 2007 Explorer I was looking at on Craigslist vanished, I wanted to find one that had no pickguard. I was serious...