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    Laptops lost...headline festival gig cancelled!

    Sad what some music has become.
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    new Les Paul day!!

    Nice! I love the wood grain on the top, just beautiful!
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    Do I have a problem? 😂

    Point taken 😉👍
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    Do I have a problem? 😂

    From what I've seen in the last 15+ years here I think we all have problems🤪😵🤣🤘 this place is like having a cocaine problem and going to Pablo Escobar's house for dinner or maybe not dinner because you're probably not hungry because of what he serves before dinner😵😵🤪🤪
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    Poor Reverb' hurtin' again..

    Fuck Reverb! Greedy bastards!
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    New guitar day

    That's a great find! I have never seen a Flying V from them. Congrats.
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    Dr.Dan 1959LV Plexi

    It sounds excellent and once again great playing too!
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    NNGD: 77 LPC

    Very nice! Congratulations 🤘
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    Allow myself to introduce…myself.

    Welcome you're in good company here with a lot of great people!
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    Get this guitar and save $48K over the Gibson Greeny Reissue

    Great stuff! Thanks 👍🤘
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    NGD - MIJ Jackson RR5

    Nice! Congratulations I've always loved those guitars but never felt comfortable playing them.
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    A good day indeed…

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    Whats your favorite speakers

    Celestion 65 Creamback and EVH Greenback for me.
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    How To Get Authentic Randy Rhoads Tone

    Great job!