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    Diezel Herbert MKi

    I had a MK-1 also great amp, what a beast unfortunately I sold it because of gas
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    Congrats! That is 1 of the few I've never owned. Enjoy
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    please delete

    I got your back! Great seller
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    Wow that is a beauty!
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    please delete

    PNW. Washington
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    Ground Zero ground-up build update

    Very nice great job can't wait to hear clips!
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    $180 shipped. My goodness such a deal!
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    Just Got my Musikraft Charvel Neck

    That looks absolutely fantastic I am a sucker for beautiful necks!
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    I bought this about 5 months ago from Sweetwater I ended up moving, put it in a box, I never did by anacoustic guitar so here's a chance for you to save $70 get a brand new one sealed in the package unopened. Message me with your number I will send you pictures of the box. $180 shipped.
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    VH Eyes of the night

    That's the 1st time I've ever heard that, not my favorite but very cool find.
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    A year ago today....

    King Edward
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    Disco Songs That Rock

    The 1st concert I ever saw was The Bee Gees I was about 10 years old!!!! I still love a ton of their music the whole Saturday night fever soundtrack just incredible
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    A year ago today....

    I was talking to a buddy of mine yesterday about music and guitars and we talked about Eddie a little bit because today is one year still so very sad and very missed.
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    Soldano Slo 100 Plexi tones vid!

    The slow 100 is my favorite amp in the world it can do so much more than people realize. Cool video.
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    1969 Plexi 100w Super Bass Clone/Build - R/T mod Series II **sold**

    They always sound incredible and your playing so tasteful very nice