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    FS: Ceriatone Yeti 100 SOLD

    Up for sale is my like new Ceriatone Yeti 100. This Yeti 100 was custom ordered with the black face plates (up charge) from Nik less than a year ago. It has the stock Yeti circuit. This amp has around 2 hours of play time on it and is in amazing condition. Selling it because I have 2 other...
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    Playing a Friedman 16 Ohm 4x12 and 8 Ohm 2x12 together

    So here is the situation. I have a BE100 and JJ. I also have a stock Friedman 4x12 and 2x12. Is there a safe way to play both of these cabs together from the BE or JJ? The 4x12 is 16 Ohm and the 2x12 is 8 Ohm. I read somewhere that this will make the 2x12 much louder than the 4x12 if ran...
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    FS: Horizon Devices Apex Preamp Pedal ***SOLD

    Up for sale is my like new Horizon Devices Apex Preamp Pedal. Used for less than an hour. $SOLD PPG Shipped in US.
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    FS: KSR Orthos 2 SOLD

    Up for sale is my like new KSR Orthos 2. It has the custom black snakeskin tolex, metal lit front panel, loaded with the stock tubes with less than 20 hours on them. This amp is amazing but I am trying to downsize at the moment. Comes with the stock 2 button footswitch. $1800 PPG Free...
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    FS: Voodoo Modded Bogner Uberschall SONUS mod - SOLD

    I have decided to part with my Voodoo modded Rev Blue Uberschall. This amp was modded by Trace Davis at Voodoo personally. Trace does all of the work on Tremonti's Uber. It has what he calld the SONUS mod, geared towards lower tunings. This mod tightens up the Uber's low end, but without...
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    SLOgriff GREAT seller

    Just got a Friedman 2x12 cab from SLOgriff. Amazing packing job, cab came in perfect condition. Sounds amazing. Great seller all the way around and a cool dude. Don't hesitate from making a deal with him!
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    casters for Friedman 4x12 cab

    Anyone put casters on their BE 4x12 cab? If so, which ones can you recommend? I haven't done it yet because I've been afraid will lose punch and bass...
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    Voodoo uberschall mods

    I have a rev blue I'm thinking about sending to them. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this or has heard a voodoo modded uber? I'm looking at the deluxe mod.
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    High Gain Kemper Profiles

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for some good high gain Kemper profiles? I am about to profile my own (Friedman JJ, 20th Shiva, Nitro, 5150 stealth) but need something comparable in the mean time... anyone? Also any tips for the profiling process would be appreciated... thanks!
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    Bias for KT88s in 20th Shiva

    What MA per tube is best bias for KT88s in the 20th Shiva? I just tested the stock tubes and they were are like 21MA per tube which seems crazy low. Where do you guys recommend setting it? My Nitro I am running like 50MA per tube for KT88s and sounds amazing. The Shiva still sounds great I...
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    X-pattern vs Top/Bottom Mix

    Curious to get some input here. I am mixing speakers in a Splawn straight 4x12 and wondering if I am doing the best combo. I want to mix my Creamback 65s (G12-M 65) with V30s. I currently have them in a X-pattern and to me it sounds amazing. Very similar actually to my stock Friedman cab...
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    Best cab for EVH Stealth?

    Curious to see what you guys think would be the best cab match… I am trying to match my new EVH 5150 Stealth head with one of my cabs. My cabs are: Bogner Uberkab 4x12 (FL, stock), Friedman 4x12 (2 GBs/2 v30s stock), 2 Splawn 4x12s (1 with V30s, 1 with Creamback 65s), and a Marshall 4x12 1960a...
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    JBE mode on JJ

    Hey guys quick question, curious to see what others do and maybe what Dave would suggest. When you switch to the JBE mode on the JJ are you guys raising your global master volume, lead channel volume, or a combination of both? I have been raising just the global master volume and was not sure...