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    Randall RD45 NAD

    Early congrats and I think it will do classic just fine!!!
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    Mailman get in here

    What the hell you doin driving on my lawn :lol: :LOL: hs_9s31Je7Y
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    Fortin Bonehead, basically a single channel Meathead with a few bells and whistles. So far it delivers the goods!!! Shit loads of gain from dark to rip your faceoff :D
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    amp tech in ventura/LA area.

    I have a buddy that has a 78jmp that needs to have a little go over and some mild modifications but would like a good turn around time.suggestions welcome.
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    NPD with short clip

    Im really diggin the TC flashback,super sauce :rock: damn kid got hungry tho :lol: :LOL: h8POCDTHeho
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    G major 2 alternative

    This thing is just been a hassle,right when the warranty ran out,this thing starts locking up and also when no effects are engaged the thing sounds like it modulates horrible!!!So I paid 130 to have it fixed and they said they replaced the board.....well now the warranty is up on the...
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    Dude,it was a gas meeting you and hanging around the shop while you put the Charvel together,sorry about just poppin in :D The Charvel is fucking sick,I honestly can NOT put it down :rock: me wants another :D
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    Scott sheldon

    So how much were these guitars,specifically that 59 LP at the amp show :thumbsup:
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    England V30s Chinese V30s

    How can I tell them apart??Sorry ,I know this has probably been beat down with a stick a few times,I'm just too lazy to search :D
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    Jay Strange

    Had an absolutely great trade with this dude :rock:
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    bonez wank,with G12H30

    Zdj-bb-f2eo qGii-bMHWOA
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    Why is it acceptable to goop pedals, but not amps?

    :lol: :LOL: Goop point,I think neither is cool but that's me!!! :rock:
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    More AXE-FX jamz!

    Very cool stuff :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:
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    More wankery,MCP content

    So Wade sent me a little present,this thing really fucking shines,oh it's a neck pickup and the only thing I can tell you about it is it's about 9.something K :lol: :LOL: It sounds so good and really clean,mean and articulate.Not sure if I should thank Wade or hate the dude for sending this to...
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    VHT Fat Bottom speaker ?s

    So I recently picked up a Fat bottom with V30s and was wondering how the P50s sound to in comparison to the 30 loaded ???