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    Chicken Pickin Fool!

    love it!
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    Hetfield, "the Ride the Lightning amp was a...

    I remember at the time they first came out, the the ep was a small ad in the back of circus magazine, I bought it.. it was a cool crucnh tone at the time but I remember a lot of bands had a similar sound, raven, anthax, anvil... the punk/skate band the faction sounded the same lol. They...
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    great pickup... the 2 has just a little more push to get his live guitars to mesh with his jubilees just right.
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    Humidity and Tone.. Psychological?

    i'm in florida.. trust me.. its real
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    No real news here.... status quo. I was driving through an apartment complex yesterday and came across a pretty nice VW and Harley that somebody spray painted all over with neon green paint... it was definitely a girl that did it, couldnt make out what the writing said, but I'm sure the guy is...
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    I think come take it is in reference to firearms .... he seems to care about ones "rights" apparently. how ironic. true patriot
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    That is him.... I thought he pulled that down. I couldn't find it anymore at a certain point. good catch!
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    excellent seller here.... surprised this is still here!
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    NAD - vintage one owner ‘80 2203 JMP halfstack

    I know exactly what your talking about and I hate using pedals for that reason... most sound like they are sitting "on top" of the amp tone, not "within" it. I have been using a boss eq lately but it is noisy as hell when the amp is cranked
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    NAD - vintage one owner ‘80 2203 JMP halfstack

    that amp is in beautiful condition.... congratulations! Do you guys have a klon clone that you find very close to the real thing?
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    American Fool

    Im pretty sure he used a Jcm 800 2203 or 2204 live.... I remember researching this years ago. That was some great sounding guitar on the record
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    I didnt get an answer... I sent him an email through ebay... no response. It doesnt look like he is going have any remorse and give the amp back
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    yes... those are my pics. I blocked out the number though after thinking about it
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    I filed a report with the FBI.... I just sent an email to his ebay account asking him to get in contact with me immediately to arrange to ship the amp back to me, and that I have filed reports with his local sheriff's office, FBI, and ebay. I also gave him the last 3 digits of the serial so he...
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    Looks like 96SL4xxxxx or xxxx the only number I cant make out is whats after the 4 Its either a 5 or 6. I'm thinking its a 6. I can send the photo to someone who has a better laptop than mine if that makes a difference.